Top 10 Perfumes of 2013

10. La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme. I first discovered this fragrance, when I was shopping at the Lancôme counter. After smelling an array of fragrances that were introduced this year, I have come to the conclusion that this Lancôme fragrance is amazing. The praline note tends to be the most evident, followed by the Vanilla note. It is the perfect balance of warm and sweet, with a hint of Patchouli. This fragrance is not only long-lasting, but smells great on just about every lady who wears it. I think once you discover the essence this fragrance exudes, you are destined to love it.

9. Too Too Pretty by Betsy Johnson. When you first smell this perfume, you will notice the floral followed by the citrus. The most obvious individual scent in this fragrance is definitely the Gardenia (floral) and the Pink Grapefruit (citrus), which go great together with the other notes. The balance is almost perfect. Aside from having great longevity factor, this perfume smells good on every woman that I have smelled it on. Too Too Pretty is a creamy floral morphed into a clean scent. Imagine smelling “Too Too Pretty”, this would be the result.

8. Summer Rose by Stella McCarthy. Summer and roses go together just like love and roses go together. One thing is certain, if I love this perfume, you are sure to love it also. I thought the rose and the lemon were evident in this fragrance, however; I found that the peony balanced this everything together to create the most inspiring, original fragrance I have ever smelled. The longevity is incredible, as when I first sprayed this fragrance on me at 9 am; it was still on after 5 pm. If you can imagine a beautiful sunny day manifested with roses and love, this is what Summer Rose makes you think of.

7. Gold Sugar by Aquolina. If you can imagine a mysterious version of Versace’s Crystal Noir, but with more tropical and creamy notes Gold Sugar would be the result. In fact, the coconut and whipped cream notes are the most obvious in this fragrance, however; I found that the musk balances the notes creating a scent that is unique and fun for women of all ages. Out of the many perfumes I have tried, I also found that this one lasts longer than most. This is truly the perfume that keeps on going.

6. La Petite Robe Noir by Guerlain. I love this fragrance because it’s incredibly mysterious, leaving a lot to the imagination. After spraying my wrist, I found myself smelling myself for 30 minutes because I was confused as to what I was actually smelling. The sour cherry and licorice are the most noticeable notes, however; the almond note tends to stand out and allow these individual scents to work together to create one of the most remarkable perfumes of 2012.

5. Viva La Juicy La Fleur by Juicy Couture. Should a fragrance smell romantic? What about fun? How about juicy? I think I recognized the honeysuckle, red berries, and caramel notes the most. The sweetness of this fragrance is effortlessly balanced with creamy floral and fruit. Whether day or night, this perfume works for every occasion. It also lasts modestly long. Viva La Juicy La Fleur is a fun fragrance and as unique as the woman that wears it, making it one of the best perfumes of 2012.

4. Miss Dior Le Parfum by Dior. One of the most intensely sensual fragrances I have discovered this year is definitely Miss Dior Le Parfum. The amber note is very obvious in this fragrance. I also could smell the patchouli, as well as, the rose. The sweetness manifested by the collaboration of scents creates a very warm vanilla base that works phenomenal with the floral. Also, in comparison to most fragrances, this one is such a concentrated formula; it has one of the strongest longevities I have discovered.

3. Girlfriend by Justin Bieber. When I first smelled this perfume, I was modestly impressed with it for several reasons. My first impression was the fact that despite being sweet, it wasn’t overpowering. The vanilla is very prevalent in this fragrance more so than any other note followed by the apricot and strawberry. It’s rather long-lasting and smells good on every woman that wears it. After smelling this perfume, I guarantee that you will not only want to buy it, but you’ll have the “Bieber Fever”.

2. Candy by Prada. If you can imagine simplicity on steroids, Candy by Prada would be a result. Although I am not fond of musk, I find that this fragrance represents the musk quite well. Candy delivers the perfect balance of powder and sugar, giving you the perfect scent. Out of all of the notes in this fragrance, I found that the most noticeable note was the caramel followed by the Benzoin. I sprayed this at noon and it was still on me after 10 pm. It’s a well-known fact that candy tastes good, but in this case, it never smelled so good.

And the NO.1 perfume of 2013 is…

1. Pleasures Eau Fraiche by Estee Lauder. Eau Fraiche, French for “Fresh Water”, this fragrance epitomizes a strong balance between fruit and floral. Whether you are a fruity girl or a floral girl, you will love this fragrance. The Jasmine is the most noticeable note that I have recognized in this scent, however; the Pink Pepper is very recognizable. It lasts relatively long and goes well with every type of chemistry. I am in love with this fragrance and I guarantee that you will be too.

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